Erasing Self-Doubt

Your Personal Journey To Change Your Thoughts And Behaviors From Within

Introducing MAJIC - Erasing Self-Doubt

Small-group coaching that will allow you to increase your confidence without becoming arrogant.

Erasing Self-Doubt is a progressive small group coaching journey which allows participants to increase their confidence without becoming arrogant. Self-doubt is a common occurrence which can undermine professionals, leaders and executives. Often, bright leaders like yourself, seek out coaching or training to improve their communications, increase their influence, possess better executive presence, or improve their self-worth, confidence, and emotional intelligence (EQ). An underlying barrier to all of these is second-guessing your self-worth and confidence. In addition, issues such as perfectionism, imposter syndrome or lack of self-awareness can impact your success. Erasing Self-Doubt will allow you to revise your thoughts and beliefs and become a more confident communicator, influencer and leader.

Do Any Of The Following Apply To You?

  1. Do I do too much for others without getting my own needs met?
  2. Do I second guess my decisions or actions and unintentionally undermine my own power?
  3. Do I worry that I can't meet others' expectations of me?
  4. Do I try not to get too noticed for fear of what others might think?
  5. Do I become unintentionally defensive when hearing even minor critiques because I'm already so critical of myself?
  6. Am I sometimes perceived as arrogant or egotistical when inside I'm wrestling with feelings of uncertainty or inferiority?
  7. Do I suffer from perfectionism which results in burn-out?

Is Erasing Self-Doubt Right For Me?

With MAJIC - Erasing Self-Doubt, You Will:

  • Learn to see yourself through a more positive lens
  • Stand comfortably in your power without becoming egotistical
  • Reach excellence without burning yourself out
  • Increase your influence and presence
  • Avoid emotional hijacking into fear, anger, anxiety, envy, guilt and shame.
  • Eliminate self-limiting behaviors
  • Be confident in your decisions
  • Stop reliving past mistakes
  • Express your individuality with confidence

A New Tribe Begins Each Month!

Weekly meeting day and time is based on enrolled tribe member’s availability to ensure a meeting time that works for every member.

Watch The Introductory Video

What Is Included In Your Journey:

  • 12 weeks of facilitated discovery, sharing and profound learning with 7 other tribe members
  • 20 hours of small group coaching (2 hour session each week via zoom)
  • 1 hour of private coaching to help you break through subconscious defenses and get to the deeper origin of self-doubt
  • The highly validated Harrison Paradox Assessment to receive your initial levels on self-esteem and power
  • Precisely planned content videos, insight workbooks and more to accelerate deep self-awareness
  • Tribe forum to connect and share with other members
  • Tribe progress check-in call 3 weeks after completion to ensure continued success
  • Continued access to all materials after the tribe to reinforce your awareness

What is Self-Doubt Costing You?

Experience what Erasing Self-Doubt can do for you at the Limited Price of $1480!


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Deep Insights

As a participant in the journey, you'll discover deep insights that change your thoughts and behaviors from within. You'll start with the highly validated Harrison Assessment to find your current levels of self-esteem, power, and confidence. Then, week by week, you'll follow a carefully planned journey based on decades of successful transformations.
You’ll deepen your self-awareness through journey videos, tailored questions that challenge your thinking, and coaching conversations that reframe your perspectives of self-worth. In just eight weeks, you will become deeply self-aware and increase your self-esteem and confidence. You’ll also raise your emotional intelligence (EQ) and understand others in new ways. This self-awareness will ultimately improve your ability to influence and lead others. It will also increase your professional or executive presence.

The Coaching Tribe

The power of the coaching tribe is realizing that you are not alone. You are in a group of very successful professionals who share internal struggles that interfere with each of you reaching your full potential. As you share and reflect, you’ll be amazed at how much you have in common and how your differences provide insights that you could not reach on your own. You’ll eliminate the undue pressure and stress that your second-guessing creates. Each week, you’ll attend a two-hour Zoom coaching session where we challenge each other with different perspectives, share experiences, and celebrate successes. Tribe members gain deep awareness of themselves and others that builds understanding, empathy and admiration. You’ll find you are able to build stronger and more meaningful relationships at work and in your personal life. After the journey, you’ll be surprised at how confidently you reach your work and life goals.

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Testmonials From A Few Of Our Clients

M. Piniero

Director of Operations,
Healthcare Industry

Evan Berrett

Founder & CEO,
Hamilton Testing Services

Monti Becker-Kelly

Senior Vice President,
Customer Engagement


Software Industry

Carlann has led me along a personal journey of discovery. This exploration has made me a more effective leader for my organization and a better person. She brings to the table a rare combination of relevant industry background, management experience, and deep leadership development expertise that she shares generously and candidly with the goal of facilitating practical, positive change.

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The Erasing Self-Doubt Journey

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